9 Tips of Choose Right Diamond Concrete Grinding Pads

9 Tips of choose right diamond concrete grinding pads111

Diamond concrete grinding pads are used for leveling, rough grinding, and fine grinding concrete floors. There are metal bond, resin bond, ceramic bond, resin metal hybrid bond and etc.

There are many factors to consider in the selection of concrete diamond grinding pads, such as floor grinder models, the connection method of grinding pads, dry or wet grinding, the initial condition of concrete floor, the hardness of concrete floor and etc. The parameters for choosing grinding pads are bond type, number of diamond segments, type of diamond segments, the thickness of grinding pads, the grain size of diamond pads, the number of grinding pads, and etc.

Types and features of diamond concrete grinding pads

1.1 Metal bond diamond concrete grinding pads

powder by cold pressing, and then sintered at high temperature to form diamond segments, and welded the diamond segments on the bases. With good wear resistance and good sharpness, they are mainly used for leveling and rough grinding of the concrete.

Metal bond diamond concrete grinding pads

Types of the diamond segment: rectangle, rhombus, ellipse, round, arrow, hexagon and etc.

Segment thickness: 10mm, 12mm

Shapes of the base: trapezoid and round

Grit: 16 30 60 120

Connection type with a concrete grinding machine: three-hole bolts, two-hole bolts, five-hole bolts, slotted type, and Velcro-type

1.2 Resin bond diamond concrete grinding pads

  •   Resin bond concrete polishing pads are made by mixing and injecting diamond powder, resin, and fillers and then hot-pressed on the vulcanizing press, and then cooling and demolding to form the grinding working layer. They are mostly used for rough and fine concrete grinding. The resin bond concrete floor grinding pad is usually thicker than a flexible concrete polishing pad and has good sharpness and high wear resistance.
Resin bond diamond concrete grinding pads

Thickness: 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

Grit: 50,100,200,400,800,1500,3000, Buff

1.3 Ceramic bond diamond concrete grinding pads

  • The manufacturing technology of the ceramic bond diamond grinding pad has higher requirements than that of metal and resin grinding pads, and the manufacturing cost is high. However, it has good wear resistance of metal bond pad, and fewer scratches, and a good finish of resin bond pad. It is mostly used as a transitional tool from a metal bond diamond pad to a resin bond diamond pad. It has a good finish, fewer scratches, and high grinding efficiency. The service life is more than 4 times that of resin bond concrete grinding pads. The thickness of ceramic bond diamond polishing pads is 7mm with hook and loop connection. Grit:50 100 200 400.
Ceramic bond diamond concrete grinding pads

1.4 Resin-metal hybrid bond concrete grinding pads

  • This kind of grinding pads is mainly made of resin bond and assisted by metal bond and diamond powder. Its purpose is to have the good wear resistance of metal bond grinding pad and good finish of resin bond polishing pad, improving the working efficiency. There are copper power+ resin + diamond powder and metal power +resin + diamond powder. The type bond mix of copper power+ resin+ diamond powder is better, but the type bond mix of metal powder+ resin+ diamond powder is cheap.

Grit: 30, 50, 100, 200

Thickness: 3mm, 10mm

Connection: Velcro

The selection of Concrete Grinding Pads is based on the following rul

2.1 Choose diamond polishing pad according to the brand of floor grinder

There are many brands of floor grinders on the market, and different brands also have their own models.

2.1.1Brands of floor grinder:

  • HTC, Husqvarna, Lavina, STI, Werkmaster, and various grinders from China. Their interface types are not the same. There are slotted, Velcro, thread type. Choose polishing pads that can match the grinding machine.
  • In the initial stage, those who entered the flooring industry should try their best to choose the original abrasive tools, and the quality is guaranteed and the compatibility of grinder is good. If you have a certain understanding of the grinders, you can choose diamond polishing pads from other suppliers such as local stores, Amazon, and other online stores. If you need more and more, you can also purchase directly from China, which can effectively reduce the tool cost, but need to look for good suppliers.
htc diamond segments
HTC Grinding Segments
husqvarna concrete grinding segments
Husqvarna Grinding Segments
lavina grinder diamonds
Lavina grinder Pads
sti grinding noise
Sti Grinding Shoes
werkmaster grinder segments
Werkmaster Grinder Shoes
concrete grinding segments
Other Type Floor Grinder Tools

2.1.2 Choose concrete grinding pads according to the models of grinder2

  • Here mainly explain the metal bond diamond grinding pads. There are 1, 2, 3, and 4 segments for different metal bond diamond pads. Among them, when using large and medium-sized grinders, two-segment is often selected. The more the diamond segment is, the larger the friction, and the larger the heat generated.
  • In addition, the large and medium-sized grinder itself has large gravity, it is easy to overheat, burn the diamond segment, affecting the grinding efficiency.

2.1.3Choose the shapes of segments according to the site conditions

  • The arrow-shaped segment has its unique shape, and it can remove concrete material and it has low friction with the floor. If the concrete floor condition is poor or the grinding efficiency is low when choosing other shapes segment, you can choose the arrow-shaped diamond segment.

2.2 Choose concrete grinding pads according to the floor situation

2.2.1Check the concrete floor flatness of the site

  • If the floor on-site is relatively loose or the floor is severely damaged, should choose a metal bond diamond grinding pad. For the smooth floor, directly choose the resin bond diamond polishing pad.

2.2.2 Check the concrete floor hardness on site

  • Ground hardness is usually expressed by Mohs hardness. If Mohs hardness is less than 5, a hard metal bond grinding pads and the wear-resistant resin bond diamond pad is applied. If Mohs hardness is 5-7, use medium-base metal bond grinding pads and general-purpose metal bond grinding pads. If Mohs hardness is more than 7, use a flexible metal bond grinding pad and sharp resin bond polishing pad. It is very important for communicating with suppliers. Test a small number of diamond pads in the early stage. If the grinding effect is good, then more and more pads can be purchased.
  • For three types of metal bond and resin bond polishing pads, actually, from in-depth technical analysis, that is the adjustment of the bond strength. For hard subjects, the lower bond strength is required to improve the self-sharpening performance and the diamond residual can fall off quickly, and the new diamond particles will be exposed faster, so that the diamond tool always has good sharpness, and it reduces heat generation and avoids burn tools and materials. For softer materials, improve the bond strength, and the diamond particles do not fall off, increasing the wear resistance of the tool and saving the tool cost.

2.2.3 Selection of grit of diamond polishing pads

Leveling: 30-50#

Rough grinding: 50-150#

Fine grinding: 150-500#

Finish grinding:500-1500#

Polishing: 1500-3000

  • The leveling of the concrete floor with poor conditions applies a metal bond diamond grinding pads. The grit range is 16, 30, 60, 120, and some suppliers can offer grit 16,30,50,80 and 120. According to the actual situation of the floor, choose the grit of the next step of the resin bond concrete grinding pads.
  • In the later stage of concrete grinding, applying the flexible resin bond diamond polishing pad can achieve a better polishing effect.
  • Regarding the use of skipping the grit number, if the budget is sufficient and the floor quality requirements are high, it is not recommended to skip the grit number. On the contrary, if the floor quality requirements are low, you can skip grit number to save the tool costs and time costs, but ultimately reach the customer’s required standards.
9 Tips of choose right diamond concrete grinding pads (2)

Conclusions for choose concrete grinding pads:

In the actual situation, should gather our own experience, and have a prejudgment for different concrete floor conditions, and strive to install suitable concrete diamond grinding pads at one time to save man-hours. The author does not write more about the ceramic bond diamond polishing pad and resin metal hybrid diamond polishing pad in this article, because when communicating with the workers, there is no special and clear standard for everyone’s use of such products. If the budget is sufficient, or it requires high floor quality, apply such high-cost polishing pads. If readers have any questions, please leave me a message.