Diamond Saw Blade

Diamond saw blade, also is called a diamond cutting blade or the diamond cutting disc. It is mainly composed of two parts: base and diamond segments. The segments are made of synthetic diamond materials. Diamond saw blades are used for various natural stones such as granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, basalt, or various artificial stones such as concrete, refractory materials, ceramic, asphalt, and etc. It features high cutting efficiency, long life, and good wear resistance.

Types of diamond saw blades:

Manufacturing technology: sintered diamond saw blades, high frequency welded diamond saw blades, laser welded diamond saw blades, electroplated diamond saw blades, and vacuum brazed diamond saw blades.

Application:  General purpose saw blades, stone saw blades, concrete saw blades, asphalt saw blades, ceramic saw blades, wall saw blades, etc.

Blades structure:

  1. Continuous rim diamond saw blades are used for cutting all kinds of stone, porcelain tiles, and other materials. They are smooth cutting with water, sharp, which can effectively guarantee the effect of cutting parts.
  2. Key slot diamond saw blades: This key slot structure is applied by small and medium-sized laser-welded blades with water or no water, which can cut various materials such as stone, concrete, asphalt and etc.
  3. Narrow slot diamond saw blades are divided into narrow U shaped diamond saw blades and slotted saw blades. U shaped diamond saw blades have good continuity and smooth cutting, which are used for cutting marble and granite slab.
  4. Wide U-shaped diamond saw blade features sharp cutting, efficient chip removal and cooling.
  5. Turbo diamond saw blades feature fast cutting on the basis of ensuring smooth cutting. Turbo shape is good for the removal of chips, reducing cutting resistance and increasing cutting speed.
  6. Ring saw blades are made by welding diamond segments on the ring shape base. They are used for deep cutting and it is simple for operation.
  7. Silent saw blades can be used for reducing noise by changing the base structure for weakening the vibration of the base or adding the damping materials. The common method is that cut some seam by laser beams on the base.

Specifications & Application:

1)≤φ230mm diamond saw blades: Most of them applied sintered and laser-welded technologies. They are used for cutting edges of the stone, jade, crystal, and other materials, as well as wall, reinforced concrete pavement cutting, cracking.

2) φ230mm-400mm diamond saw blades: They apply pressed sintered, laser welded and high frequency welded technology. They are used for precision cutting of stone slabs and stone finishing, cutting of concrete and asphalt pavement, and wall and bridges, and etc. other building materials.

3) φ600mm-1200mm diamond saw blades: They are manufactured by high-frequency welding or laser welding. (High frequency welded is used for φ1200mm) They are used for cutting walls, concrete and asphalt pavement and various stone blocks. Laser welded saw blades are suitable for deep cutting and do not fall off segments without water.