Terrazzo’s main components are cement, crushed stone, glass, quartz stone, and other materials. Terrazzo polishing pads adopt the specific formula based on the complex components of terrazzo for grinding and polishing the terrazzo floor.

Resin Diamond Polishing Pad for Terrazzo Floor

Types of terrazzo polishing pads:

There are mainly metal bond, resin bond, ceramic bond, resin-metal hybrid bond diamond polishing pads for terrazzo.

A metal bond polishing pad is often used in the rough grinding of terrazzo. It features a large grinding force, good wear resistance, and long service life.

Resin bond polishing pad is often used in the medium and fine grinding of terrazzo. It features good elasticity, good finish, and good ground quality.

Ceramic bond diamond pad is the transition between the metal bond and resin bond polishing pad. It features high grinding efficiency, good wear resistance, and good finish.

Resin metal hybrid diamond pad has a high abrasion resistance of metal bond agent and good quality ground by resin bond agent.

Application of terrazzo polishing pads:

  1. Clean up the dirt on the terrazzo floor( such as cement slurry, paint, garbage, dust)
  2. Coarse grinding (with water) with 50# polishing pads, and suck up the dirt with an industrial duster.
  3. Dilute the terrazzo hardener(1:8), spray it on the ground after mixing thoroughly( disable metal stirring), and push it evenly with the water scraper to let the curing agent penetrate into the terrazzo as far as possible.
  4. After a few hours, if there is still the residual curing agent(that is, the ground is white), soak in water. 100# polishing pad can be used for polishing the old terrazzo floor by the refurbished machine to assist the floor to absorb the cutting agent. After grinding, clean up the floor.
  5. After the floor is slightly dry, a 200# polishing pad can be used for polishing. At the same time, place the curing agent (1:9) in the water tank of the grinder( or directly spill the water on the floor).
  6. 400#, 800#, 1500#, 3000# polishing pads can be used for polishing the surface of the terrazzo to achieve the effect of the beautiful and bright floor. ( Each polishing requires the use of an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove sewage and mud)

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