Diamond Core Drill Bits

The diamond core drill bit is composed of connection thread, body, and diamond segments. It is used in the construction, stone, ceramic industry, which is a high-efficiency tool for drilling and coring. It is suitable for light drilling machine. It features high drilling speed and can cut reinforced concrete.

diamond core drill bit for brick
diamond core drill bits for porcelain tiles

Application of Diamond Core Drill Bits:


  1. Drill holes in the wall or floor of the buildings for installing various pipes, cables and etc.
  2. Drill holes and implant the concrete reinforcing bars in the building renovation.
  3. Drill holes with diamond core drill bits and various cuts can be made in the building.
  4. In the construction of highways and airports, drill holes in the ground to install street light poles, sign poles, and other types of equipment.
  5. To test the pouring quality of the reinforced concrete, drill the hole to get samples.
  6. It is applied to the restoration and protection of ancient buildings, and can accurately drill holes and reduce the damage of vibration to the buildings.
  7. Drill holes for granite, marble, and other stones.

Structure of Diamond Core Drill Bits:

The connection thread is the connecting part of the diamond core drill bit and drilling machine. The drilling body determines the drilling depth of diamond core drill bits. The length is an effective length which is the theoretical maximum drilling depth of the drill bits. Diamond segments are the working part of the diamond engineering drill bits, and its performance determines the basic usage effect of bits.

Types of Structure of Diamond Core Drill Bits:

Production technology:

According to the combination of the diamond segments and the base body, it is basically divided into sintered drill bits, laser welded drill bits, and vacuum brazed drill bits. Currently, laser-welded drill bits and vacuum brazed drill bits are widely used.

Conditions of use:

Diamond engineering drill bits are divided into dry core bits and wet core bits according to on-site working conditions:

Dry core bit: It is mainly used for drilling ordinary cement and brick, which is used on small horsepower drilling machine. No coolant is used, and the drilling depth is usually not more than 300mm. Because of the harsh conditions of the dry core bits, the bonding strength and reliability of the diamond segments and the base are required to be high. Therefore, a dry core bit mainly adopts laser-welded technology.

Wet core bit: It is mainly used for drilling reinforced concrete and hard cement. The drilling process requires water for cooling. Most diamond core drill bits are wet bits in the manufacture and application, and mainly are applied with laser welded and vacuum brazed technology.

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