How Do I Choose Diamond Grinding Wheel for Concrete

How Do I Choose Best Diamond Grinding Wheel for Concrete

Diamond grinding wheel for concrete is a kind of superhard tool made by sintering metal bond and diamond powder, which is used for leveling and polishing of concrete floors. It can also be used for polishing terrazzo and epoxy floors. It can be used on angle grinders and floor grinders.

To choose a kind of diamond grinding cup wheel for concrete that is suitable for you, there are many factors to consider such as price, quantity, quality, model, life span, store or online shopping.

1 Price Factors of Diamond Grinding Wheel for Concrete

Diamond Grinding Wheel for Concrete Price in online stores

The prices in online stores are usually lower than those in stores such as Amazon, eBay, Lowers, Homedepot, Aliexpress and etc. There are also big brands or other small brands in online stores. The overall quality of the prices of big brands is more guaranteed than that of small sellers. But the diamond concrete grinding wheel price is more expensive.

If you want to buy cheap diamond cup grinding wheels, you can buy from other small brand merchants. Before buying, should read product comments and determine product parameters, delivery time, and etc. to avoid such problems affecting use. Try to choose some stores that specialize in grinding tools, because they choose a lot of better quality products for selling. Try not to go to some grocery stores such as stores for selling clothes and diamond grinding cup wheels for concrete.

biggest online shop

The author is more familiar with Aliexpress. Although there are many diamond cup wheels for concrete with low price, usually they are cold-pressed diamond segments, which have poor wear resistance. The quality of the diamond powder is also poor, which is only suitable for household use.

Diamond Grinding Wheel for Concrete Price in hypostatic store

The prices in hypostatic stores are usually higher than those of online stores. However, customers can see real concrete grinding products directly. Experienced shopkeepers will also recommend more cost-effective diamond grinding cup wheels for customers, and can trade face to face, which is more practical for customers who urgently need concrete grinding wheels. Also, if there is any question, the shopkeeper can solve the problems for using. If there are quality problems, it is more convenient to exchange.

2 Quantity of Diamond Concrete Grinding Wheels:

If there is a large demand, customers can communicate with the owners of a hypostatic store or online store for a discounted price. Also, they can purchase the products directly from Chinese factories. The tools in China are very mature now. Once finishing to test the trial products, and then can order more products.

3 Types of Concrete Grinding Wheels

This is the focus of this paper. Customers only have to understand the construction principles of concrete grinding cup wheels and experience in the actual grinding process, and they can find out the suitable diamond grinding wheels.

The manufacturing technology of diamond grinding cup wheels is rough as follows: select the formula according to the hardness of concrete, determine the grit, and then select the appropriate diamond powder. Then the diamond powder, metal bond, and other raw materials are sintered into diamond segments, and then segments welded to the substrate.

3.1 The manufacturing process of diamond segments:

The manufacturing process of diamond segments can be described as the sintering process of metal powder under a certain pressure, which is a kind of powder metallurgy process. The symmetrical metal powder is under high temperature(800-1000℃) and certain pressure  (180-250Kgf/cm2). The sintered body with a certain shape and function is formed by a series of physical and chemical impregnation of powder particles such as dispersion, welding, compounding, recrystallization, and etc.

There are two types of sintering methods for diamond segments.

Below we explain the process of cold pressed sintered and hot press sintered.

3.1.1 Cold pressed diamond segments:

  • It directly forms the required shape of diamond segments on the cold press mold. The cold press mold includes five parts: up-pressing head, down-pressing head, centerboard, front end board, and rear-end board. Use the sequence of each part to form the cavity by the diamond segments, fix the periphery of the cold press mold, so that the cavity will not deform after being pressurized, and then add the required powder to the cavity and load it into the up-pressing head. 
  • In addition, applied high pressure, and then stop the pressure when the powder is changed from loose to the solid shape of the desired segments shape, and separate the fixing devices around the cold press mold, and the cold press mold is separated. The diamond segments are taken out one by one.

3.1.2 Hot pressed diamond segments:

  • It is to put the cold-pressed diamond segments on the hold pressing mold, and sintered at high temperature and high pressure. The hot pressing mold includes five parts: up-pressing head, down-pressing head, centerboard, end board, and sideboard. 
  • Put the cold-pressed diamond segments in the cavity formed by the sequence of each part, fix the periphery of the hot pressing mold, and then put diamond segments in the sintered equipment to make them melt under high temperature and form the alloy. Finally, reduce the temperature and pressure, remove the fastening device, and take out the diamond segments.
  • From the sintering process, it can be seen that the hot-pressed sintered process is an extension of the cold-pressed sintered process. So the comprehensive performance of hot-pressed diamond segments is better, especially the wear resistance is much higher than that of cold-pressed sintered, and the hot press sintered diamond wheel is high. The cheapest diamond wheel for concrete on the market are mostly cold-pressed sintered wheels.

3.2 Welding technology of diamond grinding wheel for concrete

Diamond cup grinding wheel basically applies high frequency welding technology. Laser welding technology will be used for high-end ones. Below the laser welding technology is explained.

Diamond cup grinding wheel basically applies high frequency welding technology.
  • Matrix treatment: clean the matrix with cleaning agent
  • Diamond segment treatment: The welding surface should be polished and smooth, and the surface has no oxide scale.
  • Silver solder: The silver solder should not be too big, and it should be in line with the welding surface of the base or less than 0.5. The width of silver solder of grinding cup wheel is 80% of the welding surface, especially for the double row concrete cup wheel. The inner solder should not be too big to avoid formation of silver tumors.
  • Solder flux: Evenly apply the adjusted silver solder flux on the contact surface.( base, the welding surface of the diamond segment, and silver solder)
  • The pasting of diamond segment and solder. First paste the silver solder according to the position of the engraved line, and then apply the solder flux on the diamond segment and paste on the solders.
  • Welding: Select and replace the appropriate induction coil, adjust the height and position of the fixture, and diamond segments or base cannot touch the induction coil.When welding the double row diamond cup wheels, make sure that the silver solder in the inner row does not flow into the inner side of the base, or it is difficult to grinding. Silver cannot flow into the positioning holes of the base or screw holes.
  • Cleaning: Clean the welded diamond grinding wheel at lower than 100°C.First, clean it with hot water and cleaning agent. After cleaning, polish the silver tumor, and then it can be put into storage after passing the inspection.

4 Confirm the parameter of diamond wheel for concrete

4 Confirm the parameter of diamond wheel for concrete
  • Apply the soft, medium and hard bond diamond cup wheel according to the hardness of the concrete floor. To put it simply, soft bond diamond cup grinding wheel  for concrete is sharp and suitable for floor with high hardness, but it is short life. Hard bond concrete grinding cup wheel for concrete has good wear resistance and low sharpness, which is suitable for grinding the floor with low hardness. Sharpness and wear resistance are always contradictory, and the best way is to maximize their advantages.
  • Confirm thediameter of the grinding wheel

                4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, 9”

  • Shapes of diamond segments. Single row, double row, and etc. The grinding efficiency of the arrow-shaped is higher than that of other shapes. It is especially suitable for grinding in the initial process. The single row and double row diamond grinding wheel for concrete are the two most commonly used.
  • Confirm the number of diamond segment

         diamond grinding cup wheels of different sizes have a different number of diamond segments.

  • Confirm the connector type

          22.23mm, thread M14 and thread 5/8”-11

  • Confirm the grit

Notes for how to using the concrete grinding wheel for grinder

Notes for how to using the concrete grinding wheel for grinder
  • Wear a protective eyeshade. Workers with long hair should tie up their hair first.
  • When operating, the operator should pay attention to whether the accessories are intact and the insulated cable is damaged and there is aging. After the inspection, plug the power supply and wait for the diamond cup wheel to rotate stably before working.
  • When cutting and grinding, there should be no people and explosives within one meter around, and do not work in the direction of people to prevent casualties.
  • After the concrete grinding cup wheel is used up. The power supply should be cut off when replacing.
  • When working with dangerous and flammable materials, more than one fire extinguisher must be equipped to prevent trouble. Achieve the principle of safety first and production second.
  • After a long period of 30 minutes, should stop resting for more than 20 minutes, and work after cooling down, which avoid the temperature from being too high during long-term use, causing industrial accident.
  • Use it in accordance with the specifications and instructions, and perform regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that the work is in good condition.

Conclusions of How to Select a Diamond Grinding Wheel for Concrete

When choosing the diamond grinding wheel for concrete, if you are an individual buyer and just want to take care of the garden, you can choose the product with a big brand. The quality of the big brand is still guaranteed. If you are a professional floor polishing team and have a large demand for concrete grinding wheels, you should be looking for small brand suppliers to test their products, and find out the best cost-effective grinding cup wheel for saving the costs.

If you have any question about diamond grinding cup wheel, please leave a message for me and we will learn from each other.