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Diamond cup grinding wheel refers to the diamond segments are pressed or welded on the metal base. Diamond segments are cold or hot pressed sintered by synthetic diamond powder and other metal power, and then welded on the bowl-shaped metal base.

Diamond cup grinding wheels are available in different types and sizes for grinding concrete, stone, as well as paints, glues, epoxies, and other floor coatings.

Types of Diamond cup grinding wheels:

  • Metal sintered diamond cup wheels: hot pressed or cold pressed sintered
  • High frequency welded diamond cup grinding wheels: High efficiency and good wear resistance.
  • Vacuum brazed diamond cup wheels: Superior performance and high price, mainly used for shaping and edging of the stones.
  • PCD grinding wheels: Weld the PCD on the metal base and used for floor coating removals such as epoxy and paint.

4 Factors Affecting the Grinding Effect of Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels

Grade of Diamond Powder

  • The features of high-grade diamond powder: narrow grain size distribution, concentrated grain size, and prominent grain size peak, grain shape tends to be spherical, few sheet or rectangular grain, low impurity content, and good grinding performance.

Selection of Grain Size

  • Diamond grit is the size of diamond grains, usually expressed in microns (um). The larger the diamond grain size is, the larger the cutting area of the diamond grains involved in the grinding, and the grinding efficiency is high, but there will be larger scratches and poor finish effects. The diamond grain size is small and the grinding efficiency is low, but the floor finish smooth is good.

Bond Hardness of Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels

  • The bond hardness of the diamond grinding wheel indicates the holding force of the bond on the abrasives. It is an important indicator of the manufacturer’s process control. It reflects the difficulty of the abrasive grains falling off the surface of the bond under the action of the grinding force. The bond hardness of wheels is different from that of diamond grains.
  • If the bond is too hard, the blunt abrasive grains cannot fall off in time, which will produce a lot of heat and burn the floor.
  • If the bond is too soft, it will cause the diamond grains to fall off prematurely, and it will not be able to fully function, resulting in waste.

The concentration of Diamond Grinding cup wheel

  • Concentration is one of the important features of diamond wheels, which has a great effect on the efficiency, life, and processing effect of the grinding wheels. Generally, if the diamond concentration is high, the number of diamond grains per unit area of the working layer is large, and the force on each abrasive grain is small, and the diamond is not broken and falls off easily. It is low efficiency and long life for macroscopic performance.
  •  If the diamond concentration is low, and each abrasive grain has a larger cutting pressure, and the cutting is deep, the diamond is broken and falls off easily. The tool has high efficiency and low life. Too high or low concentration will affect the working efficiency of the diamond grinding wheel.

Summary: The above four factors restrict and affect each other, optimize the formula of diamond cup wheel, and get the top quality diamond grinding cup wheel with the lowest cost.

How Do I Choose a Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels:

How Do I Choose a Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels

There are an iron base and an aluminum base. The iron base is widely used.

The aluminum base is light and is more suitable for angle grinders. The common shape is turbo, and sizes are 3 inches (80mm) and 4 inches (105mm), which are used for surface grinding of granite, marble, and other stone.

Diamond segments have a different carcass, different grit, and diamond concentration. There are hard, medium, soft and etc. for carcass and coarse, medium, fine grit size.

We choose the right diamond cup wheels according to the application. For example, when grinding hard ground, we should choose the cup wheel with a soft carcass. If it is fairly soft ground, we should choose a hard carcass.

For ground grinding with different roughness, we should choose the right grit size of the cup wheel. Usually, for coarse grinding, we should choose softer carcass and high-quality cup wheels with large grain sizes such as 16#, 20#, 30/40#.

For fine grinding, hard carcass and fine grain size such as 80#-120# are used

Connector: 22.23mm, M14, 5/8”-11

Sizes: 4”, 5”,6”, 7”, 9”

Grit: 16#, 20#, 30#, 46#, 60#, 120#, 200#, 300#, 400#

Segment shapes: single row, double row, turbo, L shape, arrow shape, and etc.

How to Use a Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels

How to use a diamond cup grinding wheel

Diamond cup grinding wheels are used on hand held grinders or wal behind floor grinders. Regardless of which machine is used on, their use steps are basically the same.

  • Check the leakage protection device of the machine and whether the switch of the machine is normal.
  • Choose the diamond cup grinding wheel with appropriate parameters, installthe wheels on the floor grinding machine, tighten the screws, and first run the machine idling to see if the machine has abnormal noise and the speed is uniform. Check whether the protective cover of hand held grinders is loose. (If the hand held floor grinder is equipped with multiple cup grinding wheels, the new and old diamond cup wheels cannot be used together. Adjust the flatness of the floor after installation.)
  • When working, hold the force on the grinders stable. Choose the appropriate speed of handheld grinders according to the strength of the floor and the treatment effect.
  • Install dust-proof devices and wear eyeshades as required before hand held grinder working.
  • Cool the hand held grinder after operation of 30 minutes. It is dry or wet grinding according to the site requirements. Equip with an industrial vacuum cleaner for dry grinding.
  • Turn off the power first when changing the diamond cup wheels, and it is strictly prohibited to operate with electricity.
  • If there is any abnormality during operation, stop operating the grinder immediately, and work it again after checking.

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