Concrete grinding cup wheels are a kind of metal bond sintered diamond grinding tool, which is used for rough grinding of cement and terrazzo floor. With fast grinding speed and high efficiency, the concrete grinding cup wheel is usually used on hand-held grinders or walk-behind floor grinders to grind or polish green concrete floor or refurbish old concrete floors.

250mm Diamond Grinding Plate for Concrete

Segmented Turbo Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

Technology features of concrete grinding cup wheels:

There are two main sintered technologies for concrete grinding cup wheel: cold-pressed and hot pressed.

The cold-pressed sintering pressure is big and the sintering time is long.

Generally, overall cold pressed sintered is applied. The segments with hot-pressed sintered are welded on the base by high-frequency welding technology.

Also, there is welding technology for the concrete grinding cup wheel.

For the base, there are steel base and aluminum base.

Parameter of concrete grinding wheels

Shapes: Single row, double row, turbo, L shape, arrow shape, and etc. 

Grit: Coarse/medium/fine 

Bond: Soft, Medium Hard, Hard

Connector: 22.23mm, M14, 5/8”-11

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