Welded diamond grinding wheels are mainly used for grinding and polishing granite, marble, concrete and concrete products, masonry materials, and all types of natural stone with maximum stock removal and free cutting action for wet or dry applications. Welded diamond cup wheel is especially suitable for edge leveling, grinding polishing, or repair jobs where a smooth finish is required used on hand grinder and floor grinder.

diamond cup grinding wheels
diamond cup grinding wheel for concrete
diamond cup grinding weheels for concrete floor
weld diamond concrete grinding wheels
weld concrete grinding wheel for grinder
Welded Diamond Grinding Wheels

Features of Welded diamond grinding wheels:

Shape: Cup-Shaped, double row, single row, turbo, etc.

Grit: Coarse/medium/fine

Bond: Soft, Medium Hard, Hard

Arbor: 5/8″-11, M14, 22.23mm

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