Diamond Grinding Segments

Diamond grinding segments consist of diamond segments and the base, which are used for grinding concrete, terrazzo and epoxy floors to remove uneven adhesive on the floor. They are used for leveling, coarse grinding, fine grinding, and basic processing before polishing of concrete, terrazzo, stone floor.

Types of Diamond Grinding Segments:

The diamond segments are mainly sintered type and PCD, and there are also two types of segments on one base. Sintered type is mostly used for concrete, terrazzo, stone floor grinding. PCD grinding wheel is mostly used for grinding and polishing epoxy floors.

The Grain Size of Diamond Grinding Segments:

6#,16#,30#,50/60#, 70/80#, 100/120#, 200/220#, 400# Grinder types: Husqvarna, HTC, Werkmaster, Lavina, Prep / Master, Levetec Segment shapes: Rectangular, rhombus, elliptical, trapezoidal, or customized upon customer’ needs