Sintered diamond grinding wheels are made of diamond powder and metal bond agent by cold or hot pressed sintered technology and sintered with the base together, which is mainly used for grinding stone and concrete.

Silver Brazed Double Row Diamond Cup Wheel

Silver Brazed Single Row Diamond Cup Wheel

Turbo Diamond Cup Wheel with Steel Core

Types of sintered diamond grinding wheels:

Cold-pressed sintered diamond cup wheel:

Make diamond powder and bond agent cold-pressed, and put it into the sintering furnace for sintering.

Hot pressed sintered diamond cup wheel:

Put the diamond mixture into the graphite tools, and sintered into the special sintering press, and it is sintered under pressure once into a qualified product.

Selection of sintered diamond cup grinding wheel:

The performance of hot pressed sintered wheel is better than that of cold pressed sintered wheel, but the cold pressed sintered wheel is cheap and it has good cost performance.

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