Stone grinding wheels are mainly used for fast rough grinding( dry or wet) of stone surfaces, edges, and corners. It is a kind of metal bond grinding tool. The grinding layer is made of diamond and metal powder mixed.

T Shape Diamond Stone Grinding Wheels

Arrow Segmented Diamond Cup Wheel

Aluminum Core Turbo Stone Diamond Cup Wheels

Parameter of stone grinding wheels


Grit: 6#, 16#, 30#, 40#, 60#, 80#, 120#, 150#…

Bond: Extremely hard, Hard, medium, soft, extremely soft

Thread: 22.23mm, M14, 5/8-11

The high diamond concentration provides for faster material removal and surface preparation, edge blending, smooth shaping, finishing, deburring of stone surfaces. The uniform diamond distribution and concentration provide high performance, it is simply perfect for lasting, heavy-duty use

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