Vacuum Brazed Diamond Cup Wheel

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Cup Wheel

The vacuum brazed diamond cup wheels are a grinding tool with a high bonding strength formed by the diamond interaction between the diamond abrasive and the substrate through a high-temperature brazing process.

Due to the chemical bonding method, the diamond abrasive is fundamentally improved, the bonding strength between the bonding agent and the substrate interface, and the exposed height of the abrasive can reach 70% -80%.

Compared with traditional chainsaw abrasive tools, the brazed grinding wheel has the advantages of high sharpness, large chip space, difficult to block, and fuller use of abrasives.

Use of vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheels

A brazed diamond grinding wheel is used for grinding quartz stone, marble, granite, ceramics, artificial stone, etc. It is especially suitable for grinding external walls mixed with condensed earth. Trimming of edges, chamfers and arcs.

Features of Vacuum brazed diamond wheels:

The life of a single-layer brazed diamond wheel is 2-3 times that of an electroplated grinding wheel.

No water needed when cutting stone

The grinding efficiency of the brazed grinding wheel is 1-2 times that of electroplated products.

During use, the brazed wheel does not delaminate or lose teeth, and its performance is safe and stable


A vacuum brazed diamond cup wheel is used for grinding the surface of various granite, marble, concrete, and etc. With special design and advanced technology of diamond brazing, the surface of the cup wheel will be free grinding. The grinding effect will be better and the efficiency of grinding will be improved greatly. Vacuum brazed diamond wheels work considerably faster than metal bond cup wheels and are very abrasive and efficient at removing material, smoothly.











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