Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Pads

b 4 Inch Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Pads

4 Inch metal bond diamond grinding pads are applied to quickly remove stock, which is more aggressive than traditional resin bond pads. They are used for all straight or contoured edges of granite, concrete, and stones, which are more durable than the resin grinding sheet, then improve the working efficiency and shorten the time between coarse and fine grinding.



Velcro backed

Grit : 6#, 16#, 20#, 50/60#,80/100#, 100/120#,200/220#, 400#

More aggressive and long life

Application of 4 Inch Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Pads:

Used for granite, concrete, and stones

Coarse grinding concrete surface quickly, remove the bump, make the surface leveling
Ideal for the initial steps in concrete polishing procedures

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