Vacuum brazed diamond polishing pads are a kind of abrasive tool. Use brazing materials to wrap the diamond particles. It is used for rough grinding of hard and brittle materials such as stone, glass, ceramic, concrete, and etc

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Grinding Disc

Diamond Vacuum Brazed Flexible Polishing Pad

Features of vacuum brazed diamond polishing pads:

Diamond protrusion is as high as 2/3, good sharpness
Easy to grind surfaces, edges, corners, arcs and other special-shaped surfaces
Good high temperature resistance
Strong holding of diamond grains, not fall off
Long service life
Can be dry grinding for a long time without color left

Types of vacuum brazed diamond polishing pads:

Flexible vacuum brazed polishing pads and hard vacuum brazed polishing pads

Flexible vacuum brazed polishing pads are designed 6mm thick rubber layer which slow down the impact and vibration during grinding process, so the grinding effect is more even and higher grinding efficiency. With vacuum brazing technology, the diamond grains are firmly welded to the base body, and the diamond never fall off, so it is very sharp. The life is 2 times more than the electroplated type and it is suitable for the superhard materials, glass, ceramics, stone, diamonds, etc.
Hard vacuum brazed polishing pad is that the corundum is fixed on the surface of the manganese steel base by vacuum brazed technology with a hole in the center.

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