Asphalt saw blade is mainly used for cutting asphalt pavement. It can also be used for asphalt concrete mixed pavement or green concrete. It is widely used for airport runways, highways, bridges, and parking lots.
An asphalt is a different form of marble, granite, concrete, and other materials. It features high cutting viscosity, and the blade is not easy to be cold when cutting. Therefore, the diamond segments burn easily, fall off, and the base of the blade wear serious when using a general-purpose saw blade. So the professional diamond saw blade for asphalt is applied.

Diamond Saw Blade for Asphalt

U segment Asphalt Saw Blade

Structure of asphalt saw blade:

The structure of the blade includes a diamond segment and base. The diamond segment is made of diamond powder and metal powder by hot-pressed sintering. The base and segments are mostly laser welded. The diamond saw blade for asphalt has protective teeth to improve the wear resistance of the base.

Advantage of asphalt saw blade:

With laser welding technology, diamond segments are metallurgically bonded to the base and the welding is firm. The inclined protection tooth structure is applied to protect the base from abrasion. It features high hardness of segment, fast feed speed, strong abrasive resistance, long cutting life, high cutting efficiency, safe and stable cutting.

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