Stone saw blade

The Stone saw blade is also called a stone cutting blade. It is mainly used for cutting granite, marble, sandstone, and other stone. According to the types, it is divided into general-purpose saw blade and professional saw blade. General-purpose saw blade is available within 105mm-230mm, which can be used sintered technology and electroplated technology and is mostly used on the handheld saw and angle grinder. The professional saw blade can be divided into granite saw blade and marble saw blade. It can be applied electroplated, high frequency welded, vacuum brazed and laser brazed technology, and it is mostly used on bridge saw and etc

Diamond Saw Blade for Granite

Diamond Granite Cutting Blade U Segment

Diamond Saw Blade for Marble

Notes of stone saw blades:

  1. Choose the right saw blade according to the material features and depth of the cutting materials.
  2. Do not ultra-deeply cut. When cutting ultra-deep materials, it should cut in layers. Cutting too far at one time can easily cause the deformation of the base.
  3. Do not cut sharp metal. Metal objects are extremely destructive to the diamond and base of the saw blade.
  4. Add enough cooling water for wet cutting saw blade, do not dry cut or cut with very little water.
  5. Do not curve cut.
  6. Wear the safety cover to prevent the blade from injuring when stone saw blade cutting.
  7. The saw blade should not touch acid or alkali chemicals, which may cause damage to the body of the saw blade.
  8. Do not use external force to impact when cutting.
  9. Do not use the blade after one segment falling off, so as to avoid damage to the person.
  10. Do not throw the saw blade randomly at the production site. It should be placed in the designated place to avoid long term contact with water. If it is not used for a long time, please coat a thin layer of anti-rust oil on the surface of the stone saw blade.

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