High Frequency Welded Diamond Saw Blades

High frequency welded diamond saw blade is that after melting of silver solder or copper solder between the base of high-frequency diamond saw blade and diamond segments, the two are connected together by inductively heating by high-frequency welding machine.

Diamond Saw Blade for Granite

Diamond Granite Cutting Blade U Segment

Diamond Saw Blade for Marble

High frequency welded diamond saw blade is widely used for cutting non-metallic brittle materials such as stone, ceramic, glass, and construction.

The high-frequency base is divided into continuous and segmented types. Segmented type base can improve the convenience of the base welding, and relieve the deformation caused by the thermal expansion of the base due to thermal effect when high-frequency welding. Further, the slot on the segmented type base can be used for circulating the cooling water to remove the cut debris in time, reducing the abnormal loss of the diamond segments and the wear of the base teeth portion, thereby improving the service life of the products.

The size of the high frequency welded base is usually withinφ80-4500mm. The slot shapes have narrow U-shaped, wide U-shaped, keyhole shape, chute shape and etc.

The U-shaped slot with a width of not more than 3mm is called a narrow U-shaped slot. The other keyholes and chutes have applied the base with a diameter of less than φ600mm. A diamond saw blade with a narrow U-shaped slot base is mainly used for cutting edges of stone, road, ceramic, and glass.

The wide U-shaped slot has applied the base with a diameter larger than φ600mm. A diamond saw blade with a wide U-shaped slot base is used for stone slabs cutting and mining.

Different types of the slot for high frequency welded diamond saw blade with different application

Slot type Material

Narrow U-shapedWide U-shapedKey HolesChute shape
Marble, sandstone 
Granite, quartz 
Ceramic, glass   
Reinforced concrete  


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