Sintered Diamond Saw Blade

Sintered diamond saw blade is made of the diamond as cutting material and the metal as the bonding agent,

which is pressed diamond and metal powder on the tooth portion of the base by high pressure, and then sintered at high temperature and high pressure.

With low cost, high cutting efficiency and low input equipment, sintered diamond circular saw blades are widely used.

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Sintered Continuous Rim Diamond Saw Blade

Sintered Segmented Diamond Saw Blade

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Sintered Wide Turbo Diamond Saw Blade

Sintered Diamond Saw Blade for Porcelain Tile

Types of sintered diamond saw blades:

According to the sintering method, there are cold press sintered blades and hot press sintered blades.

Cold press sintered: The diamond mixture is cold-pressed and then place in the reduction atmosphere furnace for sintering.

Hotpress sintered: Put the diamond mixture into the graphite mold, and the blade is pressed into the qualified product by the one-time press under the special sintering press. The technology is simple, and the sintering density is high, and the quality is good.

The diamond circular saw blades made by these two sintering methods are mainly small saw blades within φ400mm, and most of them areφ105-230mm.

According to the sintered diamond saw blade structure type:

1. Continuous rim diamond saw blade:

This outer edge of this type of saw blade is continuous. It is suitable for cutting glass, ceramic tile, marble, and other materials with high requirements for chipping.

2. Segmented diamond saw blade:

This type of saw blade has slots on the segment part, which is used for the circulation of coolant when saw blade cutting( or cooling and chip removal when dry cutting), and remove the cutting heat and chips in time. The slots can be designed to have different widths and shapes according to the application. The basic principle is that when cutting the abrasive objects with strong abrasiveness, the saw blade slot should be wider for much cooling water flowing into the cuts, which has good flushing and cooling effect. Segmented saw blade fromφ105 to 400mm is available and are used for hard granite and concrete, and also is used in home improvement.

3. Turbo diamond saw blade:

This type of saw blade can be made into a continuous rim saw blade or segmented saw blade. The feature is that there are many grooves on both sides of the segments, which is called turbo shape. It can be divided into a thin turbo saw blade and a wide turbo saw blade. This turbo design is good for chip removal because the contact area between the segments and the material to be cut is reduced, improving the cutting efficiency. Usually, it is a general-purpose blade, and it is used for cutting the building materials such as tiles, marble, and granite.

4. Protection teeth saw blade:

This type of saw blade is designed with inward protection teeth segments which can protect the steel core well from undercutting on the basis of a segmented type saw blade or turbo type saw blade. The protection teeth can reduce the side friction of the saw blade to improve cutting efficiency. The size is available from φ105-350mm.

5. Tuckpoint saw blade:

The base of the tuck point saw blade is thicker, usually 3-5mm, and the segment thickness is 6-10mm. The size is usuallyΦ105-250mm. It is mainly used for grooving and grinding granite, concrete, and home improvements.

Select sintered diamond saw blade:

choose the appropriate saw blade based on the material being cut, the depth of the cut, the cutting environment.

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