Concrete Saw Blade

Concrete saw blade is mainly used for cutting concrete pavement, reinforced concrete pavement, airport runway, highway, bridge, and etc. It features high hardness of diamond segment, segmented type, with water cutting.

Diamond saw blade for concrete is suitable for handheld saw, table saw and walk behind saw.

Diamond Saw Blade for Cured Concrete

Diamond Saw Blade for Green Concrete

Diamond Saw Blade for Reinforced Concrete

Manufacture technology of concrete saw blade:

laser welded, size is 300-1200mm available.

Ordering notes:

Provide the type and size of the concrete cutting blade, the height of the diamond segment and the central hole can be customized as required

The speed and power of the machine

Concrete types ( old concrete, green concrete, or reinforced concrete

(Remarks: The diamond saw blade will have a high temperature when cutting reinforce concrete, and the diamond will react with the iron group element at high temperature, which will cause carbonization, which will greatly reduce the cutting efficiency. For the reinforced concrete structure, a diamond saw blade is applied to the coated diamond to avoid carbonization and improve the sharpness and life.

Sharpening: Since the concrete cutting disc will be strong rubbed with concrete during cutting, professional concrete saw blade needs to be sharpened after using for a period of time, otherwise it will affect the service life of the saw blade and the cutting precision.

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