Marble Saw Blade

Diamond marble saw blade is specially designed according to the hardness features of marble by high frequency welded or laser welded technology. Diamond saw blade for marble should have the following features: fast heat removal, does not deform easily; small vibration, no chip; stable and smooth cutting, sharp and save time and labor.

Diamond Saw Blade for Marble

Types of marble saw blade:

Nowadays, the diamond saw blade for marble is applied high-frequency welding, in which the heat-affected zone is not oxidized easily and the welding seam is stable. U-shaped slot and music J slot are available.

U-shaped slot marble cutting blade is suitable for cutting large-sized saw blade, which can increase the amount of chip removal to ensure the sharpness in the deep cutting. It is easy cutting and high efficiency.

Music J slot marble cutting disc is suitable for cutting high-grade slabs such as marble. It can make a smooth transition between the segments, thereby greatly reducing the impact on the slabs when cutting, and ensuring the smooth surface of the materials to be cut.

How to choose a marble saw blade?

First, observe the color of diamond segments. It is different from the segments of granite saw blade, the color of the diamond segments of the marble saw blade is brass or reddish, but the same is that high quality of segments is very “clean”, that is, it does not make people feel dull.

Secondly, the appearance of the diamond segments is neat. The dimensional error of marble saw blade from regular manufacturers is less than 0.1mm, and the thickness is consistent. The important thing is to give people a sense of compactness. Our appearance size error is less than 0.05mm.

Thirdly, welding of diamond segments, the quality of the welding is not only related to whether diamond segments drop off but more importantly, it relates to the stability of the cutting and the quality of the cutting quality. High-quality marble saw blade has a complete welding seam and even a single thin line. The welding levelness of the marble cutting disc is less than 0.1.

Fourthly, the contrast of thickness of the diamond segment and base. The thickness of the segments is thicker than that of the base for the high-quality marble cutting blade. The thickness of diamond segments of high-quality marble saw blade is controlled within a certain range, such asφ350mm marble saw blade, and the thickness of diamond segments is more than 0.5mm.

Fifthly, the hardness of the base, Compared with the granite saw blade, the base of the marble saw blade is thinner. When the cutting force is applied, the hardness of poor quality base is not enough and is easily deformed and oscillated,

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