Granite Saw Blade

Diamond granite saw blade is a professional saw blade made by high frequency welded or laser welded technology according to the hardness features of granite.

Diamond Saw Blade for Granite

Diamond Granite Cutting Blade U Segment

Diamond segments of granite saw blade:

Diamond segments of the saw blade have a certain hardness, wear resistance, and toughness. There are 4 carcass materials: copper base, cobalt base, iron base, and tungsten carbide base. Among them, cobalt-based carcass material works best, but it is expensive and cannot be widely used. Iron-based carcass material is used mostly in actual production.

In order to enhance the hardness and wear resistance of the carcass, add high melting point materials such as tungsten, tungsten carbide into the composition, and choose low melting point metal such as copper-based alloy such as cobalt, nickel, or manganese as the bonding material of the diamond.

The base of the diamond saw blade for granite:

The base of the granite saw blade should have a certain hardness and tensile strength. 65Mn steel has high hardness and toughness, so 65Mn steel is the common material of saw blade base materials. Compared with 65Mn steel, 50Mn2V steel and 75Cr1 steel is reduced the carbonization content and is increased the content of manganese(Mn) and chromium(Cr), which is good for improving the various mechanical performance of steel and extension of granite saw blade life. Moreover, add 0.08%-0.16% of the vanadium in the 50Mn2V steel to improve the quenching performance of base materials.

Selection of diamond saw blade for granite:

Different granite materials have different hardness. When ordering, customers should supply specific locations or more detailed hardness performance. According to our stone data information and customers’ information, a special segment formula can be customized for customers.

How to distinguish the quality of granite saw blade?

  • Observe diamond concentration and distribution of the exposed diamond grains of segments on the granite saw blade.
  • Look at the color of the diamond segment. The normal saw blade should be silver-white with the natural color of iron. The inferior granite saw blade is dark because it contains more impurities.
  • Cutting effect. First in the case of the selection of right saw blade, cut with the data reference provided by the seller, it should be smooth for cutting and no chip.

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