Tuck Point Diamond Blade

Tuck point diamond blade is widely used for cracking of stone processing, building decoration construction, and other fields. Compared with general-purpose diamond saw blades, it features professional and high efficient.
Tuck point blades are that diamond segments are welded or sintered on the steel base. They are mainly V-segment crack chaser blades, tuck point blades, and sandwich diamond tuck point blades.

Sandwich Tuck Point Diamond Blade

Turbo Double Tuck Point Diamond Blade

Technology of Tuck point diamond blade:

Hotpress sintering is made by sintering the bonding agent, diamond powder, and base together.
High-frequency welding is that the diamond segments are welded on the base by a high temperature melting medium.
Laser welding is that the contact edge of the diamond segment and the base forms the metallurgical bond by the high-temperature laser beam.
Price:Hot pressed sintered < high frequency welded < laser welded
Performance: Hot pressed sintered > high frequency welded > laser welded

Selection of the Tuck point blade base:

Since the tuck point diamond blade is subjected to strong impact and severe vibration during cutting, the base material should be high strength, not easy to deform, erosion resistance, and stable performance.
Carbon steel and alloy steel are widely used for the base of sintered and high-frequency diamond saw blade.
The base of laser welded diamond saw blades are usually made of high strength low carbon special alloy steel. This material features high permeability, good thermal strength, excellent welding performance, and no cracks during welding.

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