Demolition saw blades are used in the fire fighting and rescue for cutting accident sites such as collapsed houses, bridges, cars, and trees. It can cut wood, plastic, concrete, wires, pipes, steel, copper, and other metals, and also known as diamond cutting blades all-purpose.

Rescue saw blades are widely used for earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, floods, building collapses, military action, accident sites, and etc. Special materials are for cutting many times. The main requirements for a saw blade are wide cutting applications, fast cutting, good abrasion resistance, and it can be used for dry or wet cutting.

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Rescue Saw Blades

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Cutting Disc for Metal

Parameters of Demolition Saw Blades:

Technology: Vacuum brazed technology. Diamond surface metallization technology is used for vacuum brazed diamond saw blades, achieving diamond and saw blade carcass metallurgy bond, improving the holding force of diamond.

Diamond grains can be raised 2/3 and can be not easy to fall off, it is sharp cutting and good chip removal.

Size: 4-16 inches

Application: Can effectively dry cut any material: granite, concrete, steel, ceramic, glass, wood, plastic, etc.

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