Vacuum Brazed Diamond Blade

Vacuum brazed diamond blade is made by chemically react with diamond abrasive and bonded with steel substrate by vacuum brazed technology. It features sharp cutting, good heat dissipation, long service life, and wide application.

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Rescue Saw Blades

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Cutting Disc for Metal

Application of vacuum brazed diamond saw blade:

This type of diamond saw blade is also called a multi-purpose diamond cutting blade, an all-purpose diamond cutting blade. It is used in municipal construction, rescue and relief work, fire and rescue, road and bridge construction, house

demolition, garden operations, electric power repair, and field operation.

Vacuum brazed diamond saw blade can cut almost any material. For example, it can cut various metals( aluminum, iron, copper, stainless steel), wood, fiberboard, cement, stone, brick, PVC pipe. It is often used as a rescue saw blade in the application. When cutting various reinforced concrete structure, it has excellent performance.

Advantages of vacuum brazed diamond blade:

  • High bonding strength. When high-temperature vacuum brazing, the chemical metallurgical action occurs at the interface of the abrasive, brazing material and the base, so it has high bonding strength, and the thickness of bonding layer of the brazing material only needs to be maintained at the level of 20%-30% of the height of the abrasive. It is enough to hold the abrasive grains firmly in heavy load and high-efficiency grinding.
  • High exposure height of the abrasive. Usually, the exposure height is up to 70%-80% of the abrasive height. Therefore, it is sharper and the grinding force and grinding temperature are significantly reduced.
  • The chip space is big. Because the exposure height of the abrasive is high, it does not block easily.
  • High utilization rate and long service life. In addition to a small part of the abrasive on the vacuum brazed diamond saw blade, it can be fully used to 70%-80% of its own height.
  • High structural strength. It can be safely used at 300-500m/s or higher.

We can product φ50-600mm Vacuum Brazed Diamond blades, which can be used for handheld cut off saws, and can also be used on the wall behind saw cutting machine for dry or wet cutting.

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