Porcelain tile cutting blade

Porcelain tile cutting blade is used for cutting ceramic, glazed tiles, high hardness antique tiles, and vitrified tiles. It features fast cutting speed and stable cutting, less chipping. Porcelain tile is a kind of composite polycrystal, which has the features of high hardness, wear-resistance and large brittleness. It has certain requirements for the sharpness of porcelain tile cutting blades. Therefore, the carcass formula design and the grade of diamond type are significantly different from other diamond tools. The carcass should have high hardness and weak wear resistance. The diamond grade is not necessarily high, but the self-sharpness is better.

Continuous Rim Type Diamond Ceramic Tile Saw Blade

Music J Slot Type Diamond Cutting Disc for Ceramic Tiles

Flower Turbo Diamond Ceramic Tile Cutting Blades

Sintered X turbo Diamond Saw Blade for Porcelain Tile

Technology of Porcelain tile cutting blade:

Sintered: Most of the small saw blades are used for hand-held cutting tools. The porcelain tile cutting blade is sintered in the vacuum protective atmosphere by cold pressing. After cold pressing, the sintered blade performs very sharp during the cutting process and improves the production efficiency. The vacuum protective atmosphere sintering can avoid the powder oxidizing and activate the sintering, which not only improves the blade performance but also extends the graphite mold life, and can reduce the production costs.
Welded: The welded technology is mostly used for saw blade above 180mm and is mostly used for table saw, suitable for batch cutting.

There are turbo, continuous, flower types. Specifications: 105-300mm

Ordering notice of Porcelain tile cutting blade :

Because the material of porcelain tile is different, the requirements of customers for chipping are different, please send the picture, hardness and other detailed information of the porcelain tile.

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